Supernatural versus Spectacular

The men of this world are moved by signs. They are curious to see something out of this world tickle their fancy. Only when it is fanciful will the men of this world glorify in it. When the reverse becomes the case, it is termed as not true.

This trait exhibited by men can be termed the endless search of the spectacular.  Spectacular. Sensational.  Striking. These are the rudiments of the world.

As a trained journalist, I am made to know that it is only sensational news that sells. That is what the world wants to know. It is only when it is striking can people of the world rejoice in it.

What must we do?

People of this world only struggle to experience the spectacular. We as Christians must be determined to experience the supernatural. The supernatural works for us when we submit wholly.

The supernatural does not show off. What the supernatural does is never to make noise. Rather, the supernatural does what is needed per time.

Elijah can testify of how well the Lord left the wind, earthquake and fire to speak with him in a still small voice (I Kings 19:12-13).

Wherever Jesus went about on earth he was only doing well (Acts 10:38). He always relied on the supernatural. Never did he seek to curry favor nor act out of this world to please the people.

How the Supernatural worked for them John 21: 1-14

They had embarked on a journey to catch the biggest fish their nets could take. Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel and the sons of Zebedee went on this journey. Peter, being the ring leader was able to pull the crowd needed for the expedition.

But the spectacular did not happen. They toiled all night. They caught nothing. What a pity. They denied sleep, left the comfort of their cozy beds, left the teachings of Jesus and decided to go fishing. Their experience must have been a nail-biting one.

Alas, Jesus stood at the shore and they knew not. Most of us go for the spectacular turning blind eyes to the appearing of God on our behalf. Most times we want to do things our way yet Jesus is there to assist. We want to do the mathematics on our own accord but yet the greatest teacher, THE SEAL is left out.

Jesus, being merciful called out to them. “Children, have ye any meat?” When they answered in the negative, Jesus was able to help their plight.  He understood the topography of the river.

The supernatural came into being. The fishermen totally obeyed Jesus.  Due to their obedience, they caught great fishes (John 21:11). In total, one hundred and fifty three was the number caught in one try when Jesus arrived in the morning.

The darkest part of the night is the hour before dawn. The toughest times we face are just a leap to the enjoyment awaiting our breakthrough.  We must never run faster than the one who has organized the race.

We must wait on him, look unto him and be like him. That is all that is required for us to be partakers of the SUPERNATURAL… (Isa 40:31, Heb. 12:2, Phil 2:5)



This is a topic many Christians miss out on. It is the desire of our Father for us to have a good relationship experience.

Most times, we Christians become blind to these and enter into wrong communion which in the long run mars our fellowship with the Father.

How well we get our relationship right, we get our standing with God right.

Dear Brother, despite physical attributes, a woman who will not take you nearer to God is not fit for you.

Dear Sister of God, a man in possession of all the goodies-best of cars, money, houses, good job and good looking without Jesus will take you closer to hell.

Why not let God be the centre of every relationship.

You know his is the best and you can’t get anything less. (Jer. 29:11).

May we not fall in love.

Rather we will continually walk in HIS Love.

Happy Relationship Sunday!


Your Brother,

Kelechi AMAKOH



Just Do It

Have you ever wondered what happened at Cana of Galilee? Reason why there was a clear instruction to the servants in John 2:5?

That instruction tells a lot.

The mother of Jesus was present at the marriage which also Jesus got special invitation to attend. This same man was the one who was looked for around the city after a glorious service one fateful day (Luke 2:43).

The child Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem as recorded in the scriptures.  His tarrying resulted in his increase (Luke 2:52). Remember, you must always learn to tarry at the Masters’ feet so that you will not be worried in the face of difficulties.

With his tarrying and successful advancement in wisdom, Jesus needed not to entertain any fear in John 2 at the marriage. Mary, the sister of Lazarus also learnt the principle of tarrying in Luke 10:42. So, one lesson to draw here is the PRINCIPLE OF TARRYING. The place of tarrying produces strength, wisdom, favour and dispels worry.

Therefore, the child whom people looked down on became one who will always get invitations to places in the city. TARRYING.  Same applies to us. Pursuing pleasures of this world will take away the opportunity of savoring the pleasures at the right time. Fondling with God’s temple at dark corners on the campus of University of Lagos and beyond will take away the joy of your wedding night and the enjoyment accrued everlasting.

His presence at the wedding was because he was invited (John 2:2). Together with his disciples they stormed the venue. Those who invited him believed in his potential to save at trying times. How well do we involve our Father in our living? Do we invite him to steer our life daily or we feel we can do it alone?

We trust in our ability to do rightly. Far be it from us to take it upon ourselves to do what only the Father can do. Jesus is made unto us by God wisdom. (1 Cor 1:30) Therefore lean not on your own understanding. Believe in the power of        God to lead you through.
Now, the big one. The principle of obedience played out at Cana. The servants had a warning on the need to obey solely what Jesus will instruct they do to get wine for the guests. Obedience could turn impossible especially when what you are asked to do might sound ‘foolish’.

Obedience might come unto you as impossible because your mind has a fixed path to take. It might seem as if results won’t be gotten through that method. But the Father requires we obey blindly. We are expected to follow without batting an eyelid.

Is this possible? Oh yes. The servants would have scuttled the miracle of the wine if they disbelieved. They only did as instructed by Jesus. Can we from this day be like these servants at Cana? Can we for once drop our human imaginations, calculations and permutations?

Can we just do it? Just doing it as instructed by the Father is what is expected.

Just Do It! There are blessings accrued to Just doing it.

Don’t miss out.

Your Brother,

Kelechi AMAKOH


Ever Learning Christ in Obedience

It’s a new month.

Already, it is nine wonderful days in the month of August. This month, the Father will have us examine the current state of our HEART unto him.

He requires we bring to the fore the essence of our service unto HIM. Just as Apostle Paul urged those at Corinth to examine themselves, there is a call for us as well to do so (2 Cor 13:5).

In service unto God, learning of Him is the basis. The church is essentially built to learn Christ. Ever learning Christ is therefore a daily pursuit without end. The learning of Christ is beyond our daily study of the Scriptures.

There is a coming into TRUTH expected of us. However, the last days as recorded by Apostle Paul to his son, Timothy in 2 Tim. 3:1-17 aptly notes the ever learning of believers and their inability to come into the knowledge of the truth.

The Truth is Christ. Speaking in the Gospel according to John, Jesus saith unto him: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” How well are we learning Christ?

Learning Christ produces the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of him. Obeying Christ’s leading helps we enter higher spiritual realms.

In Learning Christ, there is a place of being with him. Acts 4:13 noted that the boldness of Peter and John was as a result of been with Jesus and coming into the knowledge of the Truth.

How patient are you to let the Lord Ride on you?

How well are you letting the quarry site of the master grind and break you into HIS desired bits? Or are you one of such that jump out half-baked when the Lord is yet to be through? The Lord is interested in us. He is interested in our growth.

In Luke 2:52, Jesus grew in wisdom and stature also should we. There is also a stature we must attain in obedience.

The Spirit of God will have us totally yield unto him for him to be effective in our walk with the Father.

NaFFS Co-ordinator’s Visit

This is the first of its kind for us at FSF UNILAG.
It is a great privilege to have our aggressive and dynamic National Co-ordinator, National Fellowship of Foursquare Students (NaFFS), Pastor Samuel Adedigba Adebowale (SAA)

We love you and there is absolutely nothing you can do than love us back.


Your Brother,
Kelechi AMAKOH


The joy in the house was palpable. Songs of praise rent the air. Undiluted worship took centre stage. Indeed, it was an icing on the cake for meeting of Christians on University of Lagos Campus for seven days.

Last Monday was saw the end of the fasting and prayer programme embarked upon by the Christian community under the auspices of Unilag Joint Christian Fellowship (UJCF) led by the president, Pastor Michael Liyansan.

An elated Liyansan noted during the benediction: “It has moved from #UNILAGPRAYS to #UNILAGPREVAILS. So, go and spread the message. The church in UNILAG is advancing. The gates of hell shall never prevail. “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. (Matt. 16:18).”

It is a sincere prayer that the church transcends beyond denominations. Moves forward leaving every iota of deceit and lies to attract members. The advancement of the church whose impact is undeniable, unquenchable and sharp to pierce every heart of men we crave.

A congregation where darkness cannot have a say, its way and prey is our desire. Indeed, the church is marching on.

However, could it be the church has been sleeping since? Does it mean the church has ever since lost its original focus? While speaking with two former UNILAG campus fellowship presidents last week, they confirmed it.

One categorically said to me: “Let us tell ourselves the truth. The church has caused a ‘nuisance’ on campus.” He was quick to add that the nuisance was due to the proliferation of church planting in guise of fellowships on campus.

Hmmmm!! Lord have Mercy… Michael Smith’s “The Heart of Worship” aptly comes to mind. We need to come back to the heart of the matter. The sole aim of the church. Enough of the empty ‘tonguing generation’ (Anticipate this piece soon ).

The apostles of old needed not to tongue day and night in the open for signs and wonders to take place.

Their tongues were never to be displayed in the public to show class, spirituality and panache.

Yet, when they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. (Acts 4:13)

The seal, the promised Holy Spirit is available to guide and teach the Church. Can we remain yielded to him leaving bickering and envy? Gal 5: 26.

Your Brother,
Kelechi AMAKOH


Beloved, ULSU has chosen to adhere strictly to the school’s recent directives on venues, hence no Fellowship activity is allowed within the ULSU compound from Monday. Pls lets endeavour to adhere to instructions at these times as it would ease our negotiations with the ULSU and the school authority.

With this message received on July 12 (Few minutes before the benediction of the first Sunday service of this semester), I knew that the church in UNILAG was never going to be the same way. It was with faith I headed for an emergency meeting on Monday July 13 at the foot of the cross.

Resolutions made by forty-four presidents (forming the Council of Presidents) and eight Central Executuves of UNILAG Joint Christian Fellowship that evening was all I have always longed for. Indeed, a church united for a cause.

Beyond denominations, we can all come together to keep the unity of the Spirit.

Brethen, the church in UNILAG has emerged. You must not be left out of this glorious church were bickering ceases, love serenades and Grace abounds. A church where there is no clash for members but a collective desire to reach out to the lost.

A great desire to ensure RIGHTEOUSNESS reigns on campus. A zeal to see that everyone on campus sees the light and follow through.

After speaking with a mentor on Sunday on the glorious trend emerging at the church in UNILAG, my joy knew no bounds on his reply.

Hear what he said: “KC, this is it. We fought against the profileration of fellowships on campus during my time but it was not to be. If this is happening lets see how it goes.

“The Church is beyond denominations. We must eliminate such on our campus.”

Indeed order is coming back to UNILAG church. A church where there is no competition but the consciousness to keep the unity of the Spirit and of the Faith.

Brother Paul in his charge to the church in Corinth blurted: “Let all things be done decently and in order”.

Thus far, the six days of #UNILAGPRAYS has indeed been awesome.

Prayers raised on the altar has never been towards the authorities rather the ushering in of a new era where peace (Eph. 4:3) and largeness of heart (1 Kings 4:29).

Even as the Christian community embarks on the last day of this seven-day prayer and fasting programme, it is very pertinent we do not lose focus. We must not lose faith because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.

God at this time is working unity, Fellowship and Peace on campus. The wind of the Seal is moving upon UNILAG and we all must be part in Obedience to Christ.

Your Brother,

Kelechi Amakoh

The Best Teacher

I once remember how “the best teacher” award was keenly contested in my secondary school. Every teacher will always want to outdo his colleague in order to be the best.

This practice always resulted in scoring popularity among students, putting up stern approach in grading of examination scripts and the ultimate show of eye service when the school administrators are present in class.

All these gimmicks are still being played out to win such a coveted prize even in the corporate world.
However, I know of a surety the best teacher I can ever have is the HOLY SPIRIT. The Spirit of Truth (John 16:13) promised of the Father (John 16:7), sent to us as a seal (Eph. 1:13). This teacher doesn’t speak of himself but speaks as he hears from the word.

How great is this spirit of truth who doesn’t struggle for relevance. The Ghost who will never score cheap popularity among those he teaches. He will not only instruct but also guide one through the right path to follow.

The Holy Spirit guiding in all truth is captured by someone thus: It is to be intimately and experimentally acquainted with it; to be piously and strongly affected with it; not only to have the notion of it in our heads, but the relish and saviour and power of it in our hearts; it denotes a gradual discovery of truth shining more and more.

Then if we possess this best teacher as Christians, why then do we act as if he is not there? Why then do we feel this race is a difficult one to go through? Why then do we ignore the one who can indeed pilot the affairs of our life to the very end?

A teacher is a sharpener of skills, dreams and hopes. So also is the Holy Spirit the sharpener, helper and builder of every Christian’s hope (1 Pet 1:3-7) till the appearing of our GREAT GOD.

This great teacher can as well help us in succeeding in this perverse world. Making him the compass for our academic journey while in school is the only best. He is able to give us the best of grades and help us come into excellence-the bread of God’s children.

He is able to help us live with that difficult roommate, address those mind boggling issues and relate with terrible bosses and lecturers.
It is my sincere prayer that we continually yield to the leading of the Spirit daily (Gal. 5:25), Amen.

A New Semester!

Welcome back to school. This is a new semester. I urge you to make the best use of this semester. Read as much as the Spirit of Truth guides you. Grow in Grace and Peace.
Have a safe ride through this semester in the wings of the Father. Welcome.

Your Brother,
Kelechi AMAKOH

EXCELLENCE: The Bread of God’s Children

He is a God of perfection, order and decency. No wonder, while delivering his sermon on the mountain (Mark 3:13, Matt. 5:1) noted: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matt. 5:48). Jesus never minced words in calling us to be perfect as our Father.
Also Apostle Paul didn’t forget to warn the church of God at Corinth about decency and order. He noted: “Let all things be done decently and in order.” (1 Cor. 14:40). It is required we ensure we are decent and in order.
Why then should God’s children be mediocre? We should not be those who are lead from the back in our class. When we speak, our words ought to ooze LIFE… (Eternal Life) Our words should sweeten the world. (Col. 4:16).
Excellence is a non-negotiable height that every Christian must attain. Be it in academics, business, corporate world or social circles, Christians are expected to STAND tall and RULE in God’s own way. Never are God’s children ever meant to be back benchers. NEVER! It is not to be.
During this season where teachers will be testing what we have learnt in the classroom, our birthright, EXCELLENCE must not be undermined. It is certain we are entitled to be EXCELLENT. Never settle for the less as God’s children.
I sincerely believe the God I serve will always make me successful in that which he commits into my hands. So as he will make possible in your case.
Never Settle for the LESS. EXCELLENCE is ours.

More Notes!

Change in Nigeria
On Friday, May 29, there was a change of guard in government. With the start of the new tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, we must not relent in prayers.
The scarcity in fuel products made many experience a crippling situation over the week. Thank God calm is returning.
For us to lead a peaceable life, we must fail to pray for Nigeria. (I Tim. 2:1-3).

KLM 5.0
Don’t miss this experience. It promises be dish a plethora of GREAT GRACE… Pure in Heart… From Wednesday, June 17-20, 2015 at Foursquare Camp, Ajebo, God’s children will be gathered for a life changing experience.
Don’t be told of this experience.

Your Brother,
Kelechi AMAKOH


This Season, students are being tested of how much they assimilated during the course of the semester. This aspect of schooling cannot be wished away. EXAMINATION will take place before PROMOTION can come.
Joseph wrote examinations. His success in such quests eventually took him to the height he reached.

The Examinations tested his patience, perseverance and even his masculinity however he came out successful scoring the maximum 5.0 CGPA. Oh, I cherish this God-kind of Good success.

It never came on a platter of Gold. It was out of sheer determination and implicit confidence in God. At the point his masculinity was to be tried (Gen 39:7), it was a clear cut chance. However, he refused to budge. When this season offers a leeway to passing examinations through the backdoor, never forget to vehemently refuse.

Being DIFFERENT from the rest does not come without a price. The world will hate, curse and try to
lure. It takes a heart like Daniel to overcome. Hear Him: “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat…” What meat are you feasting on right now?

What are you sold out to? Where is your heart? This season when crash readings take place, do we still dedicate such a time to study the Scriptures? They were regarded as being more ‘NOBLE than the Thessalonica’. Why? “They received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily.” (Acts 17:11).

What we know and have heard will be tested this season. The teaching given to the three Hebrew Men didn’t get tested until in a strange land. Yet they refused to budge. The fear of being called an OUTCAST often lead some to blending with the world.

However what communion has light with darkness? (2Cor 6:14). Remember that FRIENDSHIP with the world is ENMITY with God.

During this season and other times, NEVER forget this :
“The proof that we love God comes when we keep his commandments and they are not at all troublesome.
“Every God-begotten person conquers the world’s ways. The power that brings the world to its knees is our faith.
“ The person who wins out over the world’s ways is simply the one who believes Jesus is the Son of God.” (1 John 5:3-5).



Your Brother,
Kelechi AMAKOH

Don’t Budge

“… If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O King.

“But if not, be it known unto thee, O King, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou has set up.” The Three Jews Dan. 3:17-18

Who dares talk to a king like that with such temerity? In the local parlance, the Jews would have been said to have ‘enough liver’ to stand up to the king of the Gentiles. They stood bold without shifting grounds.
Their faith was questioned. They were tried, threatened and temped to budge. If they had given in, it might have just been the status quo.

However, these men were not satisfied with the status quo. They never gave thought to the order of the status quo.

What they were after was doing that that which pleases the FATHER. No matter the situation, their resilience was VISIBLE. Oh! Jesus… I desire to be part of the generation who will stand for the TRUTH no matter the cost.

I want to be part of the generation that will be BOLD to oppose the world’s status quo always. After their statement, the King was full of fury yet these men of FAITH didn’t budge. Lord Jesus!

The world will continually be at disagreement with the children of light. They will always want to threaten God’s elect.

The game plan is for them to intimidate and win as many to their camp. The Lord requires we Dare to be Different as we refuse to budge to the antics of the world.

How well do we ensure this? Or are we not quick to succumb to enticements of the world. Don’t we budge to outsourcing our project and assignments? We shiver at mere threats issued by our lecturers without any FAITH reply.

Our Lord requires we do not give in (Genesis 39:9). He requires we put our implicit TRUST in Him.

Will you budge during the cause of this season when faced with difficult questions in the examination hall?

This is a season even as students when our FAITH will be severely TESTED just as the Jews.
What counts is NOT BUDGING.

More Notes!


Happy belated Mothers’ Day to Mothers of Virtue.

They are RARE GEMS. Last Sunday, May 10 was marked as Mothers’ Day. Come to think of it- How many Mothers’ Day do we have in a Year? Just Saying…

Good Success!

It is no longer news that the first semester examination starts tomorrow.

Good success shall serenade every FOJ.

During this examination, every FOJ is only permitted to write in good health, peace of mind and superfluity of divine thoughts.

“I have more understanding than all my teachers:” (Psalm 119:99a)

Excellence is the bread of God’s Children. Hence no one is permitted to lose out.

Happy Examination.

Write in Grace.


Your Brother,
Kelechi AMAKOH

Outstanding Champion

The most anticipated boxing bout tagged the ‘Fight of the Century’ came alive on May 2 with two tough contenders for the ultimate price.
It was a fight to finish between the Philippines congress man, Manny Pacquiao and American boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. This particular fight had been anticipated by the public since 2009. However due to disagreements between the contenders it was never to be. In the end, 38-year-old American, Floyd Mayweather Jr. won the bout.

Since then, the world has not stopped analyzing the match. This Month of May, the word unto God’s people requires we stand out from the crowd of spectators and competitors. Mayweather’s champion status was not to be until the bold step taken to outdo his major rival.

An Outstanding Champion status is only confirmed on those whose characteristics carry the extraordinary. “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” (2 Cor. 6:17).
What then still makes this separation process lacking in our pilgrim’s journey? Why do we still enjoy partaking in the portion of this world? Hear this: “I have given them thy word and the world hath hated them because they are not of the world even as I am not of the world. “(John 17:14)

Our entrance into DIVINE FATHERHOOD (2 Cor 6:18) where Fellowship with the Father is unlimited is situated in the Separation Process. This process is not found wanting in the lives of outstanding champions having a swell time in God’s presence.

Do you still desire to remain at a spot turning in circles as regards your walk with God? You should not be comfortable in combining both serving God and the world (mammon). “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon” (Matt. 6:24). If Daniel could be outstanding even in a strange land, who says you can’t go through the university and world unscathed?

Joseph was in a strange land. He was stuffed with the juicy position that could ever be imaged. His name was changed to Zaphnath-paaneah (Gen 41:45). A beautiful heartthrob named Asenath was bestowed unto him.

Yet, he remained Outstanding. He purposed never to be soiled. Have you let the children of this world to soil your integrity and faith? Have you let the world water down your dignity and worth?
Definitely A NEW DAWN IS HERE! You CAN be DIFFERENT from the lot. So therefore: “ Let us live soberly, righteously and godly, in this present world” (Tit. 2:12b).

One More Note
MAY 10,2015

Happy Mothers’ Day to all Mothers.

Happy Mothers’ Day to my SPECIAL MOM

You are a RARE GEM.

Your Brother,
Kelechi AMAKOH