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Brother Paul made this appeal to some select ones years back. In his numerous letters to believers he beseech the Romans thus:

I beseech you therefore, brethren,by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God which is your reasonable service

From this charge, it will be deduced that there abound sacrifices not living-DEAD SACRIFICE. There are sacrifices which one can offer which isn’t living, holy and acceptable by God’s unchangeable, not malleable and everlasting standard.

The same call to the Romans is also made to the Christians of this day. It is more than a month’s theme. It isn’t just to be for a specific time. Rather it ought to be a new daily. We ought to ooze such sacrifice which will be pleasing to our maker.

Non- conformity is key to ensuring a living sacrifice. Our ever standing faith in Christ gets tested daily. From annoying and daring room mates to class mates who can be raw with their language and actions. All through to the next door neighbour ever-ready to ‘pick’ a quarrel with you at a slightest and inconsequential moment. But we ought not conform.

Indeed everyone has a sacrifice to offer. But the question is what type of sacrifice is offered? Is it living? holy? acceptable? sacred? pure? or dead? unholy? unacceptable? worldly? and impure?
These are questions to be answered personally. How is your standing with God?
You profess to be of Christ but are you with Christ daily in life’s journey. Aren’t you quick to give-in to pressures and worldly lust and affection?

How can this be achieved?


The mind gate is an essential. Guard your mind because out of it flows the issues of life. A living sacrifice is borne out of a renewed and a renewing mind. Renewing is continuous. Never stops. Daily breaking, molding and setting apart of our minds in God’s Quarry sites.

That song writer says: Purify me like Gold, so that I might be bold to say my body is your sanctuary.
What do we fill our minds with on a regular. What do we feed the body of Christ with.

A living sacrifice sets his mind on things above. Where your treasure is, so your heart will be. Once we treasure things of the world, we begin to offer a dead sacrifice. A sacrifice unacceptable. Daily our minds must be set on high.

A living sacrifice is a life worthy of emulation. Let no man despise thy youth but be thou an example of a believer in words, conversation, charity, spirit, faith and purity.

That is God’s wish for us HIS children. Only then can we walk in His WILL for our lives, fulfill PURPOSE and attain Divine DESTINY



Congratulations! You made it at last. Out of the lot that applied you were picked. It calls for celebration.

Yes, it is a joyous moment for you but remember the end of a race is the beginning of another.

Making it into the Higher Institution is just a step in the right direction. Starting well is an added advantage. As a fresher, the excitement is at the peak. Wanting to feel among is topmost on your agenda. Remember the reason of being in school. Friends could make or mar your stay on campus.

Social gatherings could sway you off your feet. Make hay while the sun shines.


The best time to make a good grade is now. Do not leave it for the late hours.It might be too late.

Success is not an overnight thing. It is not what is achieved spontaneously. It is a gradual

The following 10 tips are indeed helpful:

Attend lectures regularly: Ensure you attend all lectures. This is a sure path to success. Avoid truancy.

Make researches: Go the whole hug to expand your knowledge base. This is important. Lecturers expect students to learn more about a particular topic. What you get in class is just a minute which needs to be broadened.

Avoid frivolities
: Attend social engagements but thread with caution. Not all parties, seminars is necessary. Frivolities should not have a part on our itinerary.

Be a good time manager
: Time management could make or mar your stay on campus. Engage the principle of planning to avoid losing out. Time is a respecter of no man. Remember you have only 24 hours in a day. It is a common commodity which must be judiciously spent.

Move with the right clique
: Friends are necessary in our life’s journey. If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far in life go with friends. Choose friends that would impact your life for the better.

Respect all, fear none: Fear is a limiting factor for success. Give no room for fear. Respect
everyone but fear no one. The moment you engage fear you start losing grip of a successful
end. God has not given you a spirit of fear but of power, love and of a sound mind.

Impact your environment
: Wherever you find yourself, ensure you impact lives. In the
school environment, engage in activities that are people oriented. Activities that would
add value in the lives of others.

Avoid procrastination
:Procrastination gives room for laziness.As a student who wants to be successful avoid leaving things to be done now for a later time.

Improve yourself
:Read books outside your school curriculum that would improve you as a

The above tips aren’t the ultimate for success on campus. The campus world is a free-for-all venture. Indeed, you are going into the world. For sons, do not entangle yourselves with the portion of the king’s enticing meat. If sinners entice thee, consent thou not.

First published on CampusDailyOnline
Kelechi Amakoh


Before the race begins…

If you haven’t known, know it now. If it hasn’t been revealed, behold the revelation.
University of Lagos is set to begin a new session by Monday, March 3, 2014.

Surprised? Don’t be. Scared? Never be. Anxious?? Why should you? It is not important.

Before the race begins, you have to take a review of past period as students. How far have you fared?

The king suffered insomnia. Sleep vanished and he commanded the book of records be opened.

Never start this new session without probings and deep evaluation of past sessions of how you’ve fared.

unilag (2)

Congratulations, now you an FYB. That signifies you have 9 months left before the university releases you. Have you prayerfully thought out a strategy for survival in this ‘no job opportunity’ environment? What are your plans after school. If you have shyed away from this? Don’t shy away from it now. The time to plan is NOW.

Oh! Dear student, you have completed your sophomore class. It signifies about 50 per cent work done. It is the final lap to the finish line. Avoid no slack. Seek HIM now while he might be found to divinely order your steps.

Oh! Freshman. Congratulations. Out of the lot, you were selected. The new session isn’t High School. A different scenry. Indeed, you can’t afford to embark on this journey with GOD.

Never venture into leaving out God unless you plan to be ruined before your programmes culminates.

Indeed, schooling is not a gurantee of success. It is a useful tool for a positive outlook towards living.

In Christ alone should your hope be found.

Some may put theirs in chariots, amassing of grades while others on people but surely it wouldn’t succeed.

Therefore, trust in the LORD with all thy strength. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE shall direct your path!



A generation of an IRRESISTIBLE Influence? Can we have such a generation of people? Oh! YES!!! A group of people whose mien, actions and decisions are indeed influential to others around them. Not just influential but irresistible.

A set of personalities whose spirit-filled lives become the mirror which others in the world jostle to utilise and mark as yardstick. Lives that will be change agents. Indeed propellers of innovative ideas and progress. Persons that will stand tall above corruption, average-minded thought process, pessimists and believers in mediocrity.

In this world of perverseness, sorcery, nudity, inflamed passion for media buzz and social networking, the youthful generation is indeed being caught by the bug. Many a lives are pining away. A generation budding is that which spend eternity on social networks just uploading pictures of ‘achievements’ they term ‘landmarks’. Asides being emergency photo men, they vigorously keep tabs on the ephemeral things in order to imitate sheepishly-with no cause for deep thinking and probing. Rather than face their books, they prefer to face book filling the vacuum meant for positive knowledge.

In this world of technology crazy abound persons who will leave no rock upturned to ensure one unit of a BlackBerry Q10 is nicely curled by their thumb and index fingers-pinging all day, non-stop. The unending quest to acquire the latest of gadgets. Mind you, all these are not bad but the crass way of acquiring it.

A generation where nudity is celebrated without trepidation. Preciously made bodies meant to be covered hopelessly stare you in the face seeking attention and other ulterior motives of the ‘displayer’. One and all want to be the carbon copy of TV Hip-Hop stars. No recourse to moderation. Indeed, these are not the best times for parents raising children. No matter how hard they try to prevent these from influencing their children, it is still not a success story.

ALAS! There abound a generation. Yes an army of persons who are ready to be agents of change. A conglomeration of irresistible influence personalities are budding. Those who are ready to lay their lives for the enthronement of God’s kingdom . Those ready never to be shoved aside.

INDEED, a generation of God’s own sons whose mandate is solely to recruit many to God’s kingdom. Are you one of them?

Daniel of the bible did exploit because he was indeed sure of the God he serves. He never chickened out in
the face of persecution. To be irresistible doesn’t come to us rather we enter into such realm. A realm which makes decisions to be taken without your verdict being sought. He was academically sound and spiritually vibrant. He was truly irresistible. He stood out among peers.

Irresistible Influence channels do not influence sitting comfortably on the lower rungs of the class. Rather, they are those whose academics and success story are propellers to others for imitation.

Joseph was tagged a dreamer by his family. So will people tag your project #IrresistibleInfluence. However he became one whose God-given intelligence helped solve problems. He was indeed an irresistible gemstone. Who knows, you might be the one who Nigerians are waiting for to provide a solution to the lingering power crisis and leadership ineptitude. Or the world is waiting to completely change their focus on technology to ‘techGOD’.

What of David? The man after God’s own heart. He indeed affected his generation positively. From being a flock tender to God’s people tender. He was a leader whose influence can never be undermined.
Dear reader, congratulations for scanning through to this point. This world indeed needs those who will change her value system, infuse Godly living and positive minded opinion leaders. Are you such?
Are you ready to step into the shoes of great men of God who influenced their generation or just another passer by?

WE ARE THE CHOSEN GENERATION whose light must continually beam for the world to emulate. Our seasoning power as salt of the earth mustn’t be lost.

Rather we should continually let our lights shine brighter and brighter that others will see.

Be the change you hope to see. If you indeed desire to be irresistible in your generation, do the irresistible-total surrender to God’s will.

Kelechi Amakoh