Supernatural versus Spectacular

The men of this world are moved by signs. They are curious to see something out of this world tickle their fancy. Only when it is fanciful will the men of this world glorify in it. When the reverse becomes the case, it is termed as not true.

This trait exhibited by men can be termed the endless search of the spectacular.  Spectacular. Sensational.  Striking. These are the rudiments of the world.

As a trained journalist, I am made to know that it is only sensational news that sells. That is what the world wants to know. It is only when it is striking can people of the world rejoice in it.

What must we do?

People of this world only struggle to experience the spectacular. We as Christians must be determined to experience the supernatural. The supernatural works for us when we submit wholly.

The supernatural does not show off. What the supernatural does is never to make noise. Rather, the supernatural does what is needed per time.

Elijah can testify of how well the Lord left the wind, earthquake and fire to speak with him in a still small voice (I Kings 19:12-13).

Wherever Jesus went about on earth he was only doing well (Acts 10:38). He always relied on the supernatural. Never did he seek to curry favor nor act out of this world to please the people.

How the Supernatural worked for them John 21: 1-14

They had embarked on a journey to catch the biggest fish their nets could take. Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel and the sons of Zebedee went on this journey. Peter, being the ring leader was able to pull the crowd needed for the expedition.

But the spectacular did not happen. They toiled all night. They caught nothing. What a pity. They denied sleep, left the comfort of their cozy beds, left the teachings of Jesus and decided to go fishing. Their experience must have been a nail-biting one.

Alas, Jesus stood at the shore and they knew not. Most of us go for the spectacular turning blind eyes to the appearing of God on our behalf. Most times we want to do things our way yet Jesus is there to assist. We want to do the mathematics on our own accord but yet the greatest teacher, THE SEAL is left out.

Jesus, being merciful called out to them. “Children, have ye any meat?” When they answered in the negative, Jesus was able to help their plight.  He understood the topography of the river.

The supernatural came into being. The fishermen totally obeyed Jesus.  Due to their obedience, they caught great fishes (John 21:11). In total, one hundred and fifty three was the number caught in one try when Jesus arrived in the morning.

The darkest part of the night is the hour before dawn. The toughest times we face are just a leap to the enjoyment awaiting our breakthrough.  We must never run faster than the one who has organized the race.

We must wait on him, look unto him and be like him. That is all that is required for us to be partakers of the SUPERNATURAL… (Isa 40:31, Heb. 12:2, Phil 2:5)



This is a topic many Christians miss out on. It is the desire of our Father for us to have a good relationship experience.

Most times, we Christians become blind to these and enter into wrong communion which in the long run mars our fellowship with the Father.

How well we get our relationship right, we get our standing with God right.

Dear Brother, despite physical attributes, a woman who will not take you nearer to God is not fit for you.

Dear Sister of God, a man in possession of all the goodies-best of cars, money, houses, good job and good looking without Jesus will take you closer to hell.

Why not let God be the centre of every relationship.

You know his is the best and you can’t get anything less. (Jer. 29:11).

May we not fall in love.

Rather we will continually walk in HIS Love.

Happy Relationship Sunday!


Your Brother,

Kelechi AMAKOH



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