TEXT: JOHN 4:19-24, PHIL 3:3,
1PET 2:5
AIM: TRUE WORSHIP; worshiping in Spirit and in truth

In this day and age, a lot of frivolities which ought not to, especially with things that have to do with the Christian faith have been surfacing. We realize that people do things with wrong motives, even when it comes to worshiping God. Some say that worship is singing slow songs while praise is singing fast songs. As touching Christian practices, the scripture should be the basis i.e. where we draw instructions as to how they should be done. (2Tim. 3:16) says all scripture is inspired of God, (2Pet. 1:21) says it is borne by the Holy Spirit. Our lifestyle and conduct is expected to root from it.

The very first mention of the word worship in the scripture was when Abraham was to offer Isaac as a burnt offering at the region of Moriah (Gen 22:2,5). He called it worship. So, we see clearly that it had nothing to do with singing.
Worship is translated in Hebrew as shachah , while the Greek translation is proskuneo. They both mean depress, bow down, prostrate mainly reflexively in homage to royalty or God (Exo. 4:31). It can be summarised as an honourable action to pay obeisance.
Whatever must be worshipped must be held in awe. Worship does not elevate the God. Rather, God is in an elevated status hence the worship. An example is the case of Jesus’ birth when the wise men called him king of the Jews and they fell down and worshiped him (Matt 2:2,11). The worship did not make him the king of the Jews but was to acknowledge His kingship over the Jews.

The Father seeks such John 4:23
God alone deserves it Rev 4:10-11
Humility is essential Jam 4:6
Only one with nature of God (born of the spirit) can offer such John 3:5
The state of the heart is important in worship Matt 15:8-9, Prov 23:7
 Worship involves an offering i.e. something given (Heb.10:1-2) the offering they brought was why they were called worshippers.





Worshiping God in Spirit and in truth is not just singing or dancing as we have seen, but Christian service. An example is in (Luke 2:36-37). We presenting our bodies a living sacrifice is what Paul calls our reasonable service (Rom 12:1). The most important thing is that we worship God in Spirit (based on God’s nature) and in truth (Christ John 14:6)

Worship that is accepted by God is a privilege unique to the Christian (1 Pet 2:5). As we will see in subsequent lessons, it is not a right rather it is based on what Christ has done.

As one in Christ, the reason I live is to worship God.

a. What does God want me to understand most about Himself?
b. What does God want me to understand most about others?
c. What does God want me to understand most about myself? And in light of all this, what would He have me do?


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