Just Do It

Have you ever wondered what happened at Cana of Galilee? Reason why there was a clear instruction to the servants in John 2:5?

That instruction tells a lot.

The mother of Jesus was present at the marriage which also Jesus got special invitation to attend. This same man was the one who was looked for around the city after a glorious service one fateful day (Luke 2:43).

The child Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem as recorded in the scriptures.  His tarrying resulted in his increase (Luke 2:52). Remember, you must always learn to tarry at the Masters’ feet so that you will not be worried in the face of difficulties.

With his tarrying and successful advancement in wisdom, Jesus needed not to entertain any fear in John 2 at the marriage. Mary, the sister of Lazarus also learnt the principle of tarrying in Luke 10:42. So, one lesson to draw here is the PRINCIPLE OF TARRYING. The place of tarrying produces strength, wisdom, favour and dispels worry.

Therefore, the child whom people looked down on became one who will always get invitations to places in the city. TARRYING.  Same applies to us. Pursuing pleasures of this world will take away the opportunity of savoring the pleasures at the right time. Fondling with God’s temple at dark corners on the campus of University of Lagos and beyond will take away the joy of your wedding night and the enjoyment accrued everlasting.

His presence at the wedding was because he was invited (John 2:2). Together with his disciples they stormed the venue. Those who invited him believed in his potential to save at trying times. How well do we involve our Father in our living? Do we invite him to steer our life daily or we feel we can do it alone?

We trust in our ability to do rightly. Far be it from us to take it upon ourselves to do what only the Father can do. Jesus is made unto us by God wisdom. (1 Cor 1:30) Therefore lean not on your own understanding. Believe in the power of        God to lead you through.
Now, the big one. The principle of obedience played out at Cana. The servants had a warning on the need to obey solely what Jesus will instruct they do to get wine for the guests. Obedience could turn impossible especially when what you are asked to do might sound ‘foolish’.

Obedience might come unto you as impossible because your mind has a fixed path to take. It might seem as if results won’t be gotten through that method. But the Father requires we obey blindly. We are expected to follow without batting an eyelid.

Is this possible? Oh yes. The servants would have scuttled the miracle of the wine if they disbelieved. They only did as instructed by Jesus. Can we from this day be like these servants at Cana? Can we for once drop our human imaginations, calculations and permutations?

Can we just do it? Just doing it as instructed by the Father is what is expected.

Just Do It! There are blessings accrued to Just doing it.

Don’t miss out.

Your Brother,

Kelechi AMAKOH



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