The Best Teacher

I once remember how “the best teacher” award was keenly contested in my secondary school. Every teacher will always want to outdo his colleague in order to be the best.

This practice always resulted in scoring popularity among students, putting up stern approach in grading of examination scripts and the ultimate show of eye service when the school administrators are present in class.

All these gimmicks are still being played out to win such a coveted prize even in the corporate world.
However, I know of a surety the best teacher I can ever have is the HOLY SPIRIT. The Spirit of Truth (John 16:13) promised of the Father (John 16:7), sent to us as a seal (Eph. 1:13). This teacher doesn’t speak of himself but speaks as he hears from the word.

How great is this spirit of truth who doesn’t struggle for relevance. The Ghost who will never score cheap popularity among those he teaches. He will not only instruct but also guide one through the right path to follow.

The Holy Spirit guiding in all truth is captured by someone thus: It is to be intimately and experimentally acquainted with it; to be piously and strongly affected with it; not only to have the notion of it in our heads, but the relish and saviour and power of it in our hearts; it denotes a gradual discovery of truth shining more and more.

Then if we possess this best teacher as Christians, why then do we act as if he is not there? Why then do we feel this race is a difficult one to go through? Why then do we ignore the one who can indeed pilot the affairs of our life to the very end?

A teacher is a sharpener of skills, dreams and hopes. So also is the Holy Spirit the sharpener, helper and builder of every Christian’s hope (1 Pet 1:3-7) till the appearing of our GREAT GOD.

This great teacher can as well help us in succeeding in this perverse world. Making him the compass for our academic journey while in school is the only best. He is able to give us the best of grades and help us come into excellence-the bread of God’s children.

He is able to help us live with that difficult roommate, address those mind boggling issues and relate with terrible bosses and lecturers.
It is my sincere prayer that we continually yield to the leading of the Spirit daily (Gal. 5:25), Amen.

A New Semester!

Welcome back to school. This is a new semester. I urge you to make the best use of this semester. Read as much as the Spirit of Truth guides you. Grow in Grace and Peace.
Have a safe ride through this semester in the wings of the Father. Welcome.

Your Brother,
Kelechi AMAKOH


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