A Christian’s Anchor 2

There is nothing we have that has not been given to us by God. Any attainment reached by an unbeliever cannot be the hope of believers. Why do you struggle to make an inheritance out of that which is not an anchor for Christians?

Why do you need to cut corners in order to make gains of pecuniary value? The Christian life is laced with non-conformity with the world (Rom. 12:2) and constant hunger and thirst to know the Father better (Matt. 5:6). However, this is not to be so. As Christians of today desire to own the ephemeral and smoke screened pleasures of the earth.

Even in the examination hall, Christians are always at the forefront of compromising. The mad rush to amass the Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.0 becomes a maddening chase at the expense of the CHRISTIAN MANDATE.

Dear reader, where does you anchor lie? Don’t get this wrong. While we are here on earth, it is not expected of us to be useless. We are expected to dominate here on earth and reign with Father in His kingdom to come.
Joseph! He is a perfect example of one who was not useless to his generation. As recorded in Genesis 41, he was a solution provider to the famine of the land yet he didn’t forget His inheritance unfaded. This gave him the courage to FLEE in Gen. 39.

How about David? He served his generation (Acts 13:36a) yet remained uncorrupted (v.36b). We are made meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light. (Col 1:12)
Therefore, REJOICE in HOPE; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer (Rom 12:12). No matter the circumstance surrounding your existence, the hope before us is that which should stimulate love in our hearts.

There must be a daily desire to know Him better. Dwelling in His secret place is our lot. We must undermine this as it is necessary in stirring our hope in Him.
This lively HOPE which we are begotten to is that which holds the whole of our being. The anchor for our souls is situated in this HOPE.

Your Brother,

Kelechi AMAKOH

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