Don’t Stop Believing

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I need no other argument

I need no other plea

It is enough that Jesus died

And that He died for me

It’s a new dawn! A walk with the Father can never be boring. It is a walk filled with  Learning  of Him, Redeeming the time and understanding the will of the maker Eph 5:1-17.

We can’t afford to apply the brakes at this stage of our journey. He has just started with us. He only wants us to put our implicit trust in God.

None of us can work for Him nor change the tides of time. The situation might seem bleak, unchangeable, static, uninspiring, never- ending but in all we must not doubt the potency of His power to deliver.

A resolute believe in Him Mark 5:36

It seems impossible to read and pass that ‘almighty’ JIL 409 or ECNT 111 to you. The volumes of materials to cover are sickening and your heart is beginning to faint. He only wants you to believe in Him who can teach you all things John 14:26

Or is it that long term sickness which has defied all permutations and medical calculations? This has caused you to doubt your faith. This can’t except you believe.

In this season, God is ready to dwell mightily among us to heal, deliver, set free, set captives free, dish academic excellence and spiritual stability and perform undeniable miracles, only when we believe. 1 John 5:1

Don’t stop Believing.

Your Brother,

Kelechi Amakoh

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