THE CHURCH: Beyond Sloganeering

The church-the called out ones. Yes, called out for a purpose. A UNIQUE PURPOSE. The Christ-like souls. Indeed it is the body of Christ.Every soul who truly surrenders all to Christ belongs to the called out ones.

However, those who profess to be members of the church are now in a new dispensation. The era of sloganeering. Wanting to feel funky, yippy and fine. Hmmm! everyone now an apostle of short, witty and ‘it is well’ statements.

It will not be uncommon when your eyes wanders across the lane during the usual Lagos traffic or Abuja standstill to see ‘big big’ vehicles playing host to several stickers. If it is not exceeding grace, it is uncommon favour or overflow and the likes. 

Don’t get me wrong. These are sweet (if ever presented in plates) words of reassuring capacity. with the abbility to heal broken hearts and ginger souls. But, this only gets real when we move beyond the sloganeering era.

The church needs to move on from the stage of preaching slogans and  unhealthy competition. It ought to pass the stage of ‘stealing’ members with untrue ‘thus says’ the Lord messages. The congregation is in need of life. The word ministered undiluted, unadulterated or adumbrated. Without fear or favour. Without recourse to whose ox is gored nor emotions and thoughts tampered with.

Christ isn’t coming for the yippyy, witty Christians.

The kingdom of God isn’t in sweet talking from pulpits. It should be a place where the word is true and sincere. Able to pierce an divide every stony heart. Only when the church comes into this knowledge, will we have genuine repentance and acceptance.


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