The greatest feast ever,

The High and Mighty have been invited over

Kings,princes,men of influence and strength

                           A lot has been spent

Golden utensils have been purchased

The feast hall has been arranged

                             Alas,the guest!

Turning down the king’s invitation

After over two thousand years of preparartion

                             What a pity

“There is hope,” says the king

“Go, call the poor,weak and lame,

“We are changed,” say the poor,weak and lame

Beggars and men with no name

“Cleansed,sanctified,redeemed and restored,

Courtesy the blood of the lamb





Congratulations! You made it at last. Out of the lot that applied you were picked. It calls for celebration.

Yes, it is a joyous moment for you but remember the end of a race is the beginning of another.

Making it into the Higher Institution is just a step in the right direction. Starting well is an added advantage. As a fresher, the excitement is at the peak. Wanting to feel among is topmost on your agenda. Remember the reason of being in school. Friends could make or mar your stay on campus.

Social gatherings could sway you off your feet. Make hay while the sun shines.


The best time to make a good grade is now. Do not leave it for the late hours.It might be too late.

Success is not an overnight thing. It is not what is achieved spontaneously. It is a gradual

The following 10 tips are indeed helpful:

Attend lectures regularly: Ensure you attend all lectures. This is a sure path to success. Avoid truancy.

Make researches: Go the whole hug to expand your knowledge base. This is important. Lecturers expect students to learn more about a particular topic. What you get in class is just a minute which needs to be broadened.

Avoid frivolities
: Attend social engagements but thread with caution. Not all parties, seminars is necessary. Frivolities should not have a part on our itinerary.

Be a good time manager
: Time management could make or mar your stay on campus. Engage the principle of planning to avoid losing out. Time is a respecter of no man. Remember you have only 24 hours in a day. It is a common commodity which must be judiciously spent.

Move with the right clique
: Friends are necessary in our life’s journey. If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far in life go with friends. Choose friends that would impact your life for the better.

Respect all, fear none: Fear is a limiting factor for success. Give no room for fear. Respect
everyone but fear no one. The moment you engage fear you start losing grip of a successful
end. God has not given you a spirit of fear but of power, love and of a sound mind.

Impact your environment
: Wherever you find yourself, ensure you impact lives. In the
school environment, engage in activities that are people oriented. Activities that would
add value in the lives of others.

Avoid procrastination
:Procrastination gives room for laziness.As a student who wants to be successful avoid leaving things to be done now for a later time.

Improve yourself
:Read books outside your school curriculum that would improve you as a

The above tips aren’t the ultimate for success on campus. The campus world is a free-for-all venture. Indeed, you are going into the world. For sons, do not entangle yourselves with the portion of the king’s enticing meat. If sinners entice thee, consent thou not.

First published on CampusDailyOnline
Kelechi Amakoh