Before the race begins…

If you haven’t known, know it now. If it hasn’t been revealed, behold the revelation.
University of Lagos is set to begin a new session by Monday, March 3, 2014.

Surprised? Don’t be. Scared? Never be. Anxious?? Why should you? It is not important.

Before the race begins, you have to take a review of past period as students. How far have you fared?

The king suffered insomnia. Sleep vanished and he commanded the book of records be opened.

Never start this new session without probings and deep evaluation of past sessions of how you’ve fared.

unilag (2)

Congratulations, now you an FYB. That signifies you have 9 months left before the university releases you. Have you prayerfully thought out a strategy for survival in this ‘no job opportunity’ environment? What are your plans after school. If you have shyed away from this? Don’t shy away from it now. The time to plan is NOW.

Oh! Dear student, you have completed your sophomore class. It signifies about 50 per cent work done. It is the final lap to the finish line. Avoid no slack. Seek HIM now while he might be found to divinely order your steps.

Oh! Freshman. Congratulations. Out of the lot, you were selected. The new session isn’t High School. A different scenry. Indeed, you can’t afford to embark on this journey with GOD.

Never venture into leaving out God unless you plan to be ruined before your programmes culminates.

Indeed, schooling is not a gurantee of success. It is a useful tool for a positive outlook towards living.

In Christ alone should your hope be found.

Some may put theirs in chariots, amassing of grades while others on people but surely it wouldn’t succeed.

Therefore, trust in the LORD with all thy strength. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE shall direct your path!


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