A generation of an IRRESISTIBLE Influence? Can we have such a generation of people? Oh! YES!!! A group of people whose mien, actions and decisions are indeed influential to others around them. Not just influential but irresistible.

A set of personalities whose spirit-filled lives become the mirror which others in the world jostle to utilise and mark as yardstick. Lives that will be change agents. Indeed propellers of innovative ideas and progress. Persons that will stand tall above corruption, average-minded thought process, pessimists and believers in mediocrity.

In this world of perverseness, sorcery, nudity, inflamed passion for media buzz and social networking, the youthful generation is indeed being caught by the bug. Many a lives are pining away. A generation budding is that which spend eternity on social networks just uploading pictures of ‘achievements’ they term ‘landmarks’. Asides being emergency photo men, they vigorously keep tabs on the ephemeral things in order to imitate sheepishly-with no cause for deep thinking and probing. Rather than face their books, they prefer to face book filling the vacuum meant for positive knowledge.

In this world of technology crazy abound persons who will leave no rock upturned to ensure one unit of a BlackBerry Q10 is nicely curled by their thumb and index fingers-pinging all day, non-stop. The unending quest to acquire the latest of gadgets. Mind you, all these are not bad but the crass way of acquiring it.

A generation where nudity is celebrated without trepidation. Preciously made bodies meant to be covered hopelessly stare you in the face seeking attention and other ulterior motives of the ‘displayer’. One and all want to be the carbon copy of TV Hip-Hop stars. No recourse to moderation. Indeed, these are not the best times for parents raising children. No matter how hard they try to prevent these from influencing their children, it is still not a success story.

ALAS! There abound a generation. Yes an army of persons who are ready to be agents of change. A conglomeration of irresistible influence personalities are budding. Those who are ready to lay their lives for the enthronement of God’s kingdom . Those ready never to be shoved aside.

INDEED, a generation of God’s own sons whose mandate is solely to recruit many to God’s kingdom. Are you one of them?

Daniel of the bible did exploit because he was indeed sure of the God he serves. He never chickened out in
the face of persecution. To be irresistible doesn’t come to us rather we enter into such realm. A realm which makes decisions to be taken without your verdict being sought. He was academically sound and spiritually vibrant. He was truly irresistible. He stood out among peers.

Irresistible Influence channels do not influence sitting comfortably on the lower rungs of the class. Rather, they are those whose academics and success story are propellers to others for imitation.

Joseph was tagged a dreamer by his family. So will people tag your project #IrresistibleInfluence. However he became one whose God-given intelligence helped solve problems. He was indeed an irresistible gemstone. Who knows, you might be the one who Nigerians are waiting for to provide a solution to the lingering power crisis and leadership ineptitude. Or the world is waiting to completely change their focus on technology to ‘techGOD’.

What of David? The man after God’s own heart. He indeed affected his generation positively. From being a flock tender to God’s people tender. He was a leader whose influence can never be undermined.
Dear reader, congratulations for scanning through to this point. This world indeed needs those who will change her value system, infuse Godly living and positive minded opinion leaders. Are you such?
Are you ready to step into the shoes of great men of God who influenced their generation or just another passer by?

WE ARE THE CHOSEN GENERATION whose light must continually beam for the world to emulate. Our seasoning power as salt of the earth mustn’t be lost.

Rather we should continually let our lights shine brighter and brighter that others will see.

Be the change you hope to see. If you indeed desire to be irresistible in your generation, do the irresistible-total surrender to God’s will.

Kelechi Amakoh



  1. Reblogged this on SSPER and commented:
    The hour has come for the people of irresistible Influence to take their place and begin to manifest and fulfil the mandate of knowing Christ and Making Him known!!

  2. Waow! Not a motivation but an inspiration. Lord, may You grant as many as have decided to be irresistable influences and change agents, the grace to act out our decisions and stay in Your making process for our lives, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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